Located in Sanur, Bali, we are a home for cyclist
and the primary dealer of precisely engineered
Rhinovelo bikes – a bike shop and café in one.

The Shop

We offer a range of unique products that you cannot find anywhere else in Indonesia. All together with premium jerseys and bike parts in a collective and commodious space of Kayuh Bali.

The Tours

A new cycling experience in Bali by exploring the iconic caldera of Mt. Batur, an active volcano sitting alongside Lake Batur. Our Lava Tour is a cycling adventure riding across the frozen lava fields of the 1804 and 1968 eruptions, on a Rhinovelo 186 Fat Bike – designed to manage difficult terrain with exceptional grip and control.

The Cafe

Watch out for the ‘HL’ stickers on our menu which has been carefully curated by nutrituionists  to bring you a balance of delicious and healthy dishes. Come and try our signature dish, Meatballs and mashed sweet potato!

About Kayuh Bali

Opened by cycling enthusiasts, Kayuh Bali is Bali’s only cafe of its kind. Our idea was to create a space that caters to everyone in Bali! You can come in for a quick coffee, lazy brunch or just bring your bike in for that service it’s due. We will care for your bike as much as we care for you!


Located in heart of Sanur. Jalan Danau Tamblingan 188, Sanur Bali.

Hi-Speed Wifi

Provided plugs and High speed internet.

Good Food

Serve delicious and healthy dishes.