About Us

Kayuh Bali is Bali’s only bike shop and cycling café in one!

Our Background

Opened by cycling enthusiasts, Kayuh Bali is a home for cyclists. Our idea was to create a space that caters to everyone in Bali whether you are a cyclist or just looking for a good coffee with delicious breakfast or lunch.

Our Philosophy

At Kayuh Bali we believe that good is never good enough. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of what we offer. From our bicycles and clothing through to our food and coffee menu, we strive to be the best that we can be.

What Our Visitors Say…

Super wicked little bike shop and coffee spot. Opens nice and early at 7 am and can get you sorted with a … bike to see Bali on two wheels. Loved the vibe in this spot.

Richard Loat

Great fat bike tour and coffee. Extraordinary experience than the average tours in Bali.  They also have Gravel bike. Had so much fun with them!

Yoga Adi Wijaya

Great coffee, really nice place. Interesting healthy menu for active people/Cyclists! They make their own isotonic drinks. A new concept for Bali.

Francesco Bruno